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Erth 300 Sustainable Science Metaverse with ANIMA  is announced

The futuristic sustainability organisation Earth 300 has signed a new partnership

agreement in Barcelona with technology firm Anima Worlds (Anima) to develop the world’s first “science at sea” Metaverse, focused on sustainability science.

Earth 300’s launch in 2021 made it a global sensation, being lauded by the likes of

Bloomberg, Forbes, Businessweek, BBC, CNN, Architectural Digest and with a media presence in over 70 countries. Since then, Earth 300 has played a key role in popularizing climate-friendly atomic energy solutions, developing a ground-breaking sustainability awareness program and establishing partnerships with key global organizations in maritime, shipbuilding, sustainability and technology.

Earth 300 is now partnering with Anima to develop the much anticipated Earth 300 Metaverse; the digital twin of the iconic Earth 300 vessel powered by AI, including its very own atomic reactor. There will also be a sustainability learning hub with a dynamic platform where the community can exchange ideas with pioneers of different backgrounds toward the collective aim of preserving and enhancing the beauty of Earth and humanity.

By harnessing the power of Web3 technologies - as exemplified by the recent release of the Apple Vision Pro, Earth 300 is now able to bring its vision to life much sooner. A creative team of cutting-edge designers and developers has been assembled, making the Earth 300 Metaverse an innovative environment to assess, test, structure, ideate and redesign in advance of building the physical vessel. It also plans to have its own economy and functioning currency.

Aaron Olivera, Founder and CEO of Earth 300 said: “We always wanted Earth 300 to be a project for all of humanity. I’m delighted that now, as Web3 technologies have matured, we can through the Metaverse achieve this vision and bring everybody on board the vessel. And we couldn’t imagine a more perfect partner than Anima; a world-class, award winning team and whose vision aligns with ours.”

Quirze Salomó, CEO of Anima said: “I'm proud to announce our joint venture with Earth 300. This partnership echoes back to Anima’s early days, when the visionary design of Earth 300 by Ivan Salas Jefferson, now our co-founder, inspired our path. This collaboration is a heartfelt commitment to innovation; uniting Earth 300’s mission to safeguard the future of humanity with Anima’s unparalleled digital expertise we will significantly enhance Earth 300's mission to make an impact today, years before the physical vessel sets sail. Together, we are laying the digital groundwork to preserve and enrich our world for generations to come."

The Earth 300 Metaverse is calling for “planetary vanguards”; 300 visionaries who will support the early development of the project and receive a range of benefits. For more information contact

About Earth 300

Earth 300 was launched in 2021 with an audacious vision to ensure humanity survives the future. Its mission is to be the vanguard of an ecological awareness revolution and inspire sustainability consciousness in the hearts and minds of all of humanity. The idea was to build an object that would be global in its reach, with striking aesthetics that have the power to capture people's attention but also their and imaginations. Designed as an iconic scientific sculpture at sea and as a global architectural wonder to champion the best that humanity has to offer. It will be powered by safe, renewable atomic energy and equipped with frontier technologies to address any significant challenge.

Earth 300 will serve as a multidisciplinary intelligence platform, unrivalled in scope, diversity and propensity to inspire. The setting will convene forward- thinking scientists, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, Nobel laureates, and world class artists to experience nature in its deteriorating state, to exchange ideas and to develop decision-making that ensures a safe future for the coming generations. Imagine the convening power of Davos, the technological zeal of Silicon Valley and the excitement of the Olympics - all at sea and with the sole purpose of planetary preservation.

About Anima Worlds

Anima Worlds operates at the forefront of luxury AI-entertainment; redefining the

boundaries between the digital and physical worlds. With a mission to craft immersive, dynamic virtual realities, Anima Worlds offers bespoke storytelling experiences that bridge real-world interactions and digital legacy. By leveraging advanced technologies in AI, AR, VR, and IoT, Anima Worlds enables users to create evolving digital twins, ensuring their stories and legacies endure forever. Operating under Anima Worlds Ltd, our offerings include Anima Worlds, Anima Portals, and Anima Time, each designed to offer unique, personalized experiences that foster deep emotional connections and leave an enduring

digital legacy. Anima Worlds is committed to pioneering the luxury gateway to the metaverse, catering to the desires of High Net Worth Individuals for a digital existence that transcends time.

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