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Pre-Seed Round

Anima's mission is centered on pioneering a unique blend of luxury and technology to craft immersive digital experiences. We strive to redefine the concept of a digital legacy, offering personalized, emotionally resonant virtual realms that extend beyond the constraints of the physical world. Our goal is to enable users to create and interact with evolving digital twins, ensuring their stories and experiences are preserved for eternity. Through AnimaWorlds, AnimaPortals, and AnimaTime, we provide a gateway to bespoke storytelling and interactive experiences that not only entertain but also deeply connect users to their digital essence, ensuring a lasting legacy in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


Market Opportunity

Problem worth solving
Anima the luxury gateway to metaverse,
creates immersive digital experiences by
replicating real-world interactions. It solves
digital isolation and caters to the desire for
digital legacy, allowing users to create
evolving digital twins for eternity

Our solution
Anima combines advanced AI, AR, VR, and
IoT to create a unique virtual realm. Users
craft personal avatars, live in custom worlds,
interact with digital entities, and potentially
leave an enduring digital legacy, all in a
luxury digital environment.


The Team

Vasilisa Marinchuk (COO) - As a dynamic executive and Web3 expert, Vasilisa plays a crucial role in operational excellence and international relations. Her expertise in deep tech since 2016 significantly contributes to Anima's operational and diplomatic ventures.

Sergi Sagàs (Chief Innovation Officer) - With over three decades of experience, Sergi is the creative powerhouse behind Anima's cutting-edge technology. His role involves overseeing innovative projects and ensuring Anima stays ahead in the field of immersive digital experiences.

Ivan Salas Jefferson (Chief Design Officer) - Ivan brings a wealth of experience as a designer and engineer, especially from his background in superyacht design. His role at Anima involves infusing high-end design principles into our digital offerings, enhancing the luxury aspect of our products.

Quirze Salomó (CEO) - A visionary entrepreneur, Quirze is at the helm of Anima, driving the company’s strategic direction. His expertise lies in blending finance and technology to craft innovative solutions in the realm of digital legacy and luxury entertainment.

The Invesment opportunity

$400.000 INVESTMENT for 8% of Equity

soft cap $200.000
hard cap $400.000
Minimum ticket $10.000

Anima will dedicate a big part of cash generated to pay dividends

2020 luxury industry deals were valuated  in average 15 times EBITDA*.

*reported by Deloitte 

Join Anima's pre-seed whitelist to be a part of pioneering luxury digital legacy, and take your place at the forefront of innovative digital entertainment.

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